Animals - Mammals

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This PowerPoint lesson is on MAMMALS. It is part of the TYPES OF ANIMALS unit.

This lesson covers characteristics unique to mammals such as live birth, hair, milk production and respiration. It also focuses on the wide variety of mammals around the planet. 

This lesson includes a slide stating the objectives of the lesson, a slide that has a "Did you Know" fact pertaining to the lesson and a slide that has a review of the lesson at the end.

This lesson includes detailed lessons in accordance with state standards and objectives. It is intended to capture the attention and interest of students of all abilities and keep them engaged with colorful diagrams and photos along with detailed information.

Total Pages - 22 pages
Answer Key - N/A
Teaching Duration - 55 minutes
Grade Levels 5th - 9th, Homeschool
Subjects - Biology, General Science, Animals
Resource Type - PowerPoint Presentation