Astronomy - Galaxies and other objects of the Universe WebQuest

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WebQuest's are great resources to use in the classroom because they give the student the freedom to explore the internet on their own finding information pertaining to your lesson, while still giving you control over the websites they use to ensure their safety and appropriateness.

This WebQuest is designed to help students explore the internet in search of information based on GALAXIES and OTHER OBJECTS IN THE UNIVERSE.

There are 3 - 4 recommended websites for the students to use to help them find the information laid out on the worksheet. Depending on your class you may set up the websites ahead of time, or have them type in the websites themselves.

The worksheet is broken up into a vocabulary section as well as questions they must answer. There is also a diagram for the students to complete.

If they get done early there are some interactive fun websites listed that the students can use to continue learning.

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Stacy C.
I used this as an engage and explore activity for students to gather information and organize the...

6th Grade

Robert G
Good Resource

6th Grade

Panagiota S.
LOVETHIS Good resource

6th Grade

Madison Teal

6th Grade

Yvonne K.
Students love webquests and learned a lot from this one.

6th Grade