Cells Assessment (Test)

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This is a Test based on cells. It covers the following topics:

Types of archaebacteria, differences between plant and animal cells, differences between single and multi-celled organisms, Robert Hooke, Differences between active and passive transport, and diagrams asking the students to identify the parts of an animal and plant cell are among some of the areas covered on this exam.

It is worth 100 points with 10 matching questions, 6 short answer questions (fill in the blank) 5 long answer questions and 1 extra credit question.

100 point test
Answer Key

This is a great assessment to use as a pre-quiz for a unit to check for prior knowledge or for a post unit quiz. Answer Key is included



Total pages - 4 pages
Answer Key - Included
Teaching Duration - 45 minutes
Grade Levels5th - 8th
Subjects - Basic Principals, Biology and General Science