Evolution - Darwin and the Galapagos Islands w/ Worksheet

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This PowerPoint lesson is on CHARLES DARWIN and the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. It is part of the EVOLUTION unit.

The material covered is based on Darwin's travels to the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle. It covers his research on tortoises and finches and how they evolved to live in their own little corners of the world.

The PowerPoint includes images, information, videos and real life examples. It also includes lesson plans for the unit to be used stating all anchors objectives and standards taught

This zip file includes:

*A Powerpoint Lesson on Continental Drift
- A Pre-class Questions
- "Did you know" video to start the lesson
- Review Question
*A worksheet that coincides with the Powerpoint lesson

POWERPOINTS Seamlessly convert to Google Sides Lessons. 

This lesson includes detailed lessons in accordance with state standards and objectives. It is intended to capture the attention and interest of students of all abilities and keep them engaged with colorful diagrams and photos along with detailed information.

Total Pages10 pages
Answer Key - N/A
Teaching Duration - 55 minutes
Grade Levels6th - 11th, Homeschool
Subjects - Science, Basic Principals, Biology
Resource Type Powerpoint Presentations

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Coming Up Roses
Great resource

7th grade, Primarily students with learning difficulties, on the autism spectrum, and with mild to severe disabilities

Kasey M
Nice quick lesson; worked well for my ESE students

10th grade

Sherree M
Great resource!

9th Grade

Melissa C
I used this activity with my 9th grade students this year and it went very well. I will definitel...

10th Grade

Heidi H
Thank you

9th Grade