Periodic Table Assessment (Test)

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This is a Test based on the periodic table. It covers the following topics:

Elements of the Periodic Table, Scientists who studied the atom and periodic table, Dalton's theory, Mendeleev, Parts of an Atom and nucleus and the rows and columns of a period table are among some of the areas covered in this quiz.

It is worth 100 points with 10 matching questions, 5 multiple choice, 5 true and false questions, 6 short answer questions (fill in the blank) 4 long answer questions and 1 extra credit question.

Study Guide for students
100 point test
Answer Key

This is a great assessment to use as a pre-quiz for a unit to check for prior knowledge or for a post unit quiz. Answer Key is included

Total Pages4 pages
Answer Key - Included
Teaching Duration - 45 minutes
Grade Levels5th - 8th
Subjects - Chemistry, General Science, Physical Science
Resource Type - Examinations, Quizzes, Test Prep, Assessment