Planets of the Solar System Research Project

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This zip file comes with all you need to assign your classroom a planets of the solar system research project. It includes the following:

- A powerpoint slide with 9 choices for the classroom
- A promethean slide with 9 choices for the classroom
- A sign-up sheet
- A worksheet for the student with 19 questions (10 mandatory and 9 choice)and a description of the project
- A rubric to grade the projects
- Instructions for project

Part 1: 1 day
Allow students to choose which project they will research.

Part 2: 3-5 days (individual work)
Students will spend time researching their individual projects. They will turn in their project for a grade once completed.

Part 3: 3 days (group work)
Than after individual research is complete, all similar planets will get together and come up with a class presentation.

Part 4: 3 days (presentations)
Groups will present their planets to the class. Others who are not presenting must pay attention by completing the chart based on planet information. The chart can then be used on a test to answer questions pertaining to the planets.

Answer Key - N/A
Teaching Duration - 2 Weeks
Grade Levels - 5th - 8th
Subjects - Science, Biology, Other (Science)